Spectrum (Brighthouse, Charter, Time Warner) email domains (2022 update)

It's been a long road, getting from there to here. Once wholly separate companies, Time Warner Cable, Bighthouse Networks (and a piece of long-bankrupt Adelphia Cable) are all now part of Charter Communications, and all lately branded as "Spectrum."

Deliverability guidance for the realm of Spectrum is sparse. They don't publish a postmaster site and don't seem to respond for requests for help. Per my prior investigation and information from Validity, they do use Cloudmark, and it's possible to review bounce messages and/or identify Cloudmark fingerprinting in an attempt to troubleshoot delivery issues; but I wouldn't count on being able to successfully request unblocking from somebody at Spectrum.

What I can do is offer you this updated list of Spectrum email domains, so that it might help you segment and target if/when you are needing to clean up any list hygiene issues to improve deliverability to Spectrum.

Here's the most current list of email domains that I believe to be hosted by Spectrum:

adelphia.net, austin.rr.com, bak.rr.com, berkshire.rr.com, bham.rr.com, brighthouse.com, ca.rr.com, carolina.rr.com, cfl.rr.com, charter.net, cinci.rr.com, columbus.rr.com, dc.rr.com, ec.rr.com, elmore.rr.com, elp.rr.com, emore.rr.com, eufala.rr.com, eufaula.rr.com, gt.rr.com, hawaii.rr.com, hot.rr.com, hvc.rr.com, indy.rr.com, insight.rr.com, kc.rr.com, ma.rr.com, maine.rr.com, mass.rr.com, mi.rr.com, nc.rr.com, ne.rr.com, neb.rr.com, neo.rr.com, new.rr.com, nj.rr.com, nyc.rr.com, nycap.rr.com, oh.rr.com, pa.rr.com, panhandle.rr.com, postmaster.rr.com, rgv.rr.com, roadrunner.com, rochester.rr.com, rr.com, san.rr.com, satx.rr.com, sc.rr.com, si.rr.com, socal.rr.com, stny.rr.com, stx.rr.com, sw.rr.com, tampabay.rr.com, triad.rr.com, twc.com, twcny.rr.com, twmi.rr.com, tx.rr.com, wi.rr.com, woh.rr.com

This list is updated from the 2018 version to include additional domains mentioned here. Special thanks to Brian Curry and others for helping to compile and sharing this data.



  1. I think atlanticbb.net and breezeline.net should also be added to this list. I believe they are rebrands/acquisitions of Charter Communications.


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