ICYMI: DMARC-Pocalypse Now Webinar

DMARC -- and specifically, DKIM and DMARC compliance with the new Gmail and Yahoo Mail Requirements -- these are a very hot topic for 2024! I've been talking about all of this quite a bit lately and I don't see that letting up any time soon. Want to get in on the action? Here's your chance.

On January 10th, 2024, LB Blair from Email Industries and yours truly (Al Iverson) presented a live webinar on this very topic: DMARC-Pocalypse Now: What you need to know about DMARC and new Yahoo/Gmail requirements. Explaining what DMARC is, why you need it, what to be aware of as far as implementing it -- prerequisites, risks, policy settings, reporting annoyances, all that jazz. We didn't focus on just a single email sending or newsletter send platform -- it was more of a technical overview of what any savvy sender might need to know, regardless of their sending platform.

Over 300 folks attended, and we got a lot of great questions. And if you missed it, don't despair -- you can find the recording of this webinar here and embedded below. I hope you find it valuable!

Special thanks to LB, Magda and Scott at Email Industries for partnering with me to create and share this webinar with the world! I owe you one.

Looking for a copy of this deck to download? Here you go.

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