Aboutmy.email is the cool new tool you need to check your email headers (and more)

Steve Atkins from Word to the Wise just released a very cool new tool called Aboutmy.Email. Bookmark it now!

What do you do with it? Go to the Aboutmy.Email website, copy the unique email address it hands you, and launch your newsletter or campaign to that address.

What happens next? Aboutmy.Email gives you a detailed report, checking your domains, headers, content and more to look for problems. It even has a "Good Practice" review section, which is code for "Does your email seem to comply with the new Yahoo and Gmail sender requirements?"

Want to see an example report? Here's one for a Spam Resource newsletter.

What are all the checks it does? Steve says that it reviews:

  • BIMI, including details about the certificate and image
  • What IP address it was sent from, and whether it has valid DNS
  • The size of the mail as sent (no more arguments about Gmail clipping size)
  • The SMTP session as it was delivered
  • The raw payload of the mail as delivered
  • Checks for line length, non-ascii characters, non-CRLF line endings
  • Headers, both pretty (including RFC 2047 decoded) and raw
  • The MIME structure of the message, including content after base64 or quoted-printable decoding
  • A list of all the links in the message, broken down by host
  • A list of all the images in the message, broken down by host, including file size, image geometry and rendered geometry
  • Warnings when you’re serving images then scaling them down in the client
  • Alt text and thumbnails for all the images
  • Checks on whether image and link domains are aligned with the 822.From
  • Whether you support TLS, both for email delivery and loading remote images
  • Whether you support IPv6, both for email delivery and loading remote images
  • Preview of how the HTML content renders in different viewport sizes
  • How the HTML content renders with no images, just alt text, or with broken images
  • Unsubscription support – List-Unsubscribe, List-Unsubscribe-Post, List-Id and links in the body of the mail
  • All the relevant DNS queries used for authentication etc.
  • A single page summary of whether the mail complies with all the Yahoogle technical requirements 
Where can one learn more about this fantastic new thingy? Over here on the Word to the Wise website.

This is a tool that I suspect I will be using daily to help clients check for Yahoo/Gmail compliance and header issues! It is really kind of Steve to make this tool free for all to use. Thank you, Steve!



  1. Form my point of view Aboutmy.email does not support DKIM double-signing via Ed25519 and RSA algorithm.

  2. Thank you! I think that presents the headers on a more understandable way. Love the URL of the section "Compilance > Good Practice".

    PD: I won the beer! Yay!


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