Comcast email addresses: .com or .net?

Here's an ever perplexing question (and one that results in a lot of traffic to my blog): Do Comcast email addresses end in .com or .net? Is it or Am I or

Comcast has live email addresses at both and The difference is, email addresses are reserved for customers of Comcast/Xfinity, while addresses are reserved for employees of Comcast.

A while ago I posted a full breakdown of Comcast domains, but I thought it would be good to call this out more explicitly today -- regular joe users signing up for your emails using the email address that comes free with their Comcast Xfinity cable service? That's always going to be

Some platforms will even block signups from emails at, because most of those signups are typos -- people who typed when they should have typed if they wanted to give their correct email address. Blocking these attempts can be a bit of an imperfect solution, as there are indeed valid email addresses at -- it's just that they're going to be Comcast employees, not customers.

TL;DR? Mostly .net.



  1. I cannot get mail and have entered my email password and nothing can I change my password


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