Dead email domain:

You might have just noticed this: as of mid-July 2021, there's no longer any MX record for the email domain. There's no A record, either, so any attempts to mail users at this domain will now bounce.

Now Hiring: Groupon

A friend reached out to let me know that Groupon is looking for a Dublin, Ireland-based Deliverability Specialist III. Could that be you? Whoever takes this role will "lead and perform problem recognition and analyze the root cause of delivery issues tailored to the country's specific email program and business needs engaging their direct supervisor as required." 

And they'll want this person to have:

  • Extensive expertise (6+ years) including authentication standards (SPF/DKIM/DMARC), IP and domain reputation factors that affect delivery, root cause analysis, spam filtering methodology.
  • In depth experience (6+ years) with Email Best practices such as proper IP segmentation, bounce processing, and permission practices.
  • 8+ years’ experience in Marketing or Email Operations
  • Basic understanding of UNIX commands 
  • Basic understanding of DNS & how it affects delivery

For more information about the role and/or to apply, click here.

DuckDuckGo launches new tracker-blocking email domain

It sounds a bit like (or more like Apple's upcoming email privacy features) but I think it will be free and perhaps an alternative for those looking to block email tracking outside of the Apple or ecosystems. DuckDuckGo will supposedly strip out tracking code from email messages, instead of just loading tracking pixels through proxies as Apple plans to do.

Click here to read more about it over on The Verge.

Time will tell how big the email subscriber base will grow. My honest guess is that it won't grow very big at all. New addresses, new domain, manual signup, though all very easy to utilize, anything that takes additional steps adds barriers that could potentially inhibit quick, broad adoption. I suspect that what Apple is doing is going to take a far bigger bite out of marketer tracking than what DuckDuckGo is doing here.

Click here to learn more about what DuckDuckGo is doing or go here to request an invitation to sign up.

Dead email domain:

Remember Excite? They were kind of a big deal, once upon a time. The free webmail domain  "" still exists, but it's about to go through some changes.

Now hiring: Ometria

Customer marketing platform Ometria is looking for a UK-based Deliverability Consultant. 

Alice Spencer from their Deliverability Services team reached out to ask me to share this job listing with you all. In that role, you'd be onboarding clients, engaging in proactive monitoring, creating reporting, providing best practice advice, answering client deliverability questions and supporting internal teams to help spread your deliverability expertise far and wide.

Does that sound like something that interests you? Click on through for more information or to apply.

Beware the link shorteners -- or at least, be aware of the risks

There's chatter in various forums suggesting that Gmail is blocking or filtering or spam foldering email messages that contain references to the Bitly URL shortener's primary domain. My own very non-scientific testing suggested that references to the Bitly shortener could make an email message go to the spam folder, but I also saw reasonably compelling evidence that it was causing blocking or deferrals in some cases.

When is a deliverability issue not a deliverability issue?

If you can't deliver mail to Yahoo or Gmail, or to mailboxes hosted behind Proofpoint or Mimecast, you've got a deliverability issue.

But if you can't deliver mail to yourself, you've probably got a whitelisting (allow listing) issue, and not a deliverability issue.

Gmail announces general support for BIMI

It's finally here! Well, full, public Gmail support for BIMI is finally here. On Monday, July 12th, Google announced that they are in the process of rolling out "general support" for BIMI in Gmail. Read Google's announcement here.

At the same time, the AuthIndicators Working Group -- developers of the BIMI standard -- put out a press release talking up the new general support of BIMI at Gmail, and explained that this means that "BIMI [will] be available to Gmail, Yahoo, and Fastmail inboxes." Read that here.

Now hiring: Netcore

Netcore Cloud is a global Martech product company that helps B2C brands create amazing digital experiences with a range of products that help in acquisition, engagement, and retention.

They're looking for a full time Email Deliverability Specialist. Could that be you? Duties and expertise would include:

SNDS shows no data from June 17th - June 21st

It's not just you! Microsoft's Sender Network Data Services reputation portal seems to have stopped updating. The last date with IP address level reputation information is June 16th. Try selecting any date after that, and you'll get "No data for specified IPs on this date." 

Now Hiring: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is looking for a Senior Mailops Engineer to help support their "category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA)." The role is remote, with a preference for somebody in the EU, but I am told that US and global candidates would be considered as well. Do you know PowerMTA and/or MomentumExperience? Are you comfortable setting up new mail servers using AWS, Chef, Terraform, Pulumi and other modern provisioning/devops technologies? Do you live somewhere on the Earth? Then this role could be for you! Click on through to learn more and/or apply.


When's the last time you received a re-engagement email?

UK ICO fines credit card company for marketing content in service emails

Steve Henderson, UK DMA Email Council member (and Chair of the Legal and Deliverability Hub) shares that the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) recently fined a credit card company for including marketing material in what the company deemed non-marketing service emails, and for sending those emails to people who may have opted-out of marketing emails. What does it all mean and why should you be aware? Click here and Steve will explain.

Now hiring: Klaviyo

Boston-based email marketing platform Klaviyo is hiring! Here are two different positions that might interest you:

They indicate that remote would be considered with appropriate experience. Check 'em out!

Pathwire Announces Acquisition of Email Optimization Platform Email on Acid

Email on Acid is a widely-used email preflight tool that helps senders check email rendering to ensure that content looks as intended in various email clients, and provides other deliverability and content related features and functionality to help email marketers succeed.

And it's just been acquired by Pathwire -- find the press release here.

Pathwire, if you're not familiar, is the recently-formed parent company of the Mailgun and Mailjet email sending platforms.