ARS Technica: How to read email headers

Here's a not totally bad guide from ARS Technica on how to read email headers. It's worth reading (and bookmarking for future reference.)

BIMI Moves Forward as Google Commits to Pilot Program

It looks like Gmail will have support for BIMI! As announced by Agari, Google will be running a BIMI pilot program soon. Read all about it here.

If you didn't already know, BIMI is meant to be a simple method for a brand or domain owner to publish a logo that is meant to be displayed adjacent to their email messages in an email client or webmail platform. Yahoo has beta-level support for it today.

Google previously would show a logo defined by the Google Plus profile associated with that email address, but future support for that was thrown in doubt when Google announced the shutdown of end user access to the Google Plus platform. Existing logos in place still seem to work. It's unclear what will happen in the future with regard to currently published logos or brand avatars.

Google and Yahoo seem to be the only mail platforms with announced support for BIMI at this time. Still, that's a significant chunk of a marketer's B2C subscriber list, covering Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and Verizon email domains.

Now Hiring: Amazon

Check out this job posting from Amazon for a Senior Product Manager in the AWS Digital User Engagement team. I am led to believe that this job likely will have an Amazon SES email focus, and that an email technology background and/or strong deliverability experience would be a huge plus. Happy hunting!

Now hiring: Sailthru / Campaign Monitor, Salesforce and more...

Looking for an email marketing-related job?

Sailthru / Campaign Monitor's "now hiring" site is a good place to start. They've even got a deliverability role posted.

Salesforce has a number of positions listed as well, including this Marketing Cloud consultant role, and you can work remote!

Also: Email Marketing Agency Trendline Interactive is looking to hire a Deliverability Strategist.

The American Bar Association is looking for an Email Marketing Director.

Iterable is looking for a an Email Deliverability Consultant.

Mailchimp is looking for a Deliverability-focused Software Engineer.

Got more job opportunities you'd like to share? Drop me a line. I'm always eager to help good people find employment.

Google Postmaster Tools doesn’t like us. How can I fix it?

Are you struggling with how to improve your sending reputation in Google Postmaster Tools? 250ok's LoriBeth Blair just published a very insightful blog post on this very topic.

Mailkit's BIMI Inspector Tool

Trying to publish a BIMI record? Wondering if you've done it correctly? Mailkit has this cool new tool in beta that will help you check and validate your BIMI record. Check it out!