Krebs: Phishers Are Upping Their Game. So Should You.

Brian Krebs recently published a most excellent article on the current state of phishing and what you can and should do to try to protect yourself as an email user. It's definitely worth a read.

The 12 Days of Listmas

🎵 On the first day of Listmas
   🎵 my data showed to me
🎵 something’s causing slow delivery…

Over on Spamtacular, Mickey Chandler is  publishing a series of posts for the 12 days of Listmas, talking about the things that can go wrong with deliverability and list hygiene during this most wonderful time of the year. Here's day one. And here's day two.

Help! I'm blocked at!

Hey! Are you finding your mail rejected when trying to send to

Remember that email users now have their mail handled by AOL's systems. That means, if you're blocked at, you're blocked at (as well as,,,,,,

So what you have here is an AOL issue, not a "Verizon" issue. What to do about AOL issues, I've blogged about right over here.

For a full list of all AOL domains, click here.

Note: AOL and Yahoo Mail are now owned by the same company, but as of December, 2017, their systems have not been combined. Thus, you should continue to handle AOL and Yahoo issues completely separately.

Vodafone (New Zealand) Email Closure

Vodafone (NZ) is reporting that they have shut down their email service as of November 30, 2017.

This affects the following domains:,,,,,,,, and

However, don't purge those addresses from your lists just yet. Vodafone is allowing users to (at least temporarily) continue to receive mail at those accounts, and the mail will be forwarded on to a new email address as configured by the user.

What should senders do? Watch for bounces; bounces will definitely increase at those domains. Those bounces mean that users have not set up email forwarding, and their accounts are thus now closed. You may want to attempt to mail those subscribers, to find the ones whose accounts still forward, to request that they update their email addresses registered with you.