HOWTO: Create a BIMI logo file

Looking for guidance on how to create your BIMI logo file? Valimail has a pretty good guide that explains the requirements and they also explain what to keep in mind when creating your BIMI graphic SVG file. Starting with:

  • Square
  • SVG Tiny Portable/Secure format
  • Solid background
  • Published via HTTPS

SVG meaning a Scalable Vector Graphics file, and particular type of SVG called SVG Tiny Portable/Secure (SVG P/S). The image has to truly be a vector graphic; the overall SVG spec does allow you to embed a bitmap in a file but this isn't allowed for SVG P/S or BIMI usage.

The Valimail guide goes on to explain how to manually edit the SVG file to convert it to the SVG P/S spec. But if you don't feel like editing XML files by hand, download this converter application that the BIMI (AuthIndicators) Working Group has shared here. I've used the Macintosh version and it works fine. (You may need to tell your Mac that it's OK to run this application.)

I used the tool to create a BIMI logo for, just to see if I could do it. I don't have a VMC and I send a very low volume of mail, so I don't expect it to show up anywhere, but at least it was pretty easy to do.

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