Gmail: New compliance dashboard in GPT

Google recently released an update to Google Postmaster Tools. There is now a new dashboard available to users that specifically highlights compliance pass/failure with their newly updated 2024 sender requirements.

On the new dashboard, we've got SPF and DKIM authentication status, From alignment status, DMARC authentication status, send encryption (TLS) compliance, User-report spam rate compliance (meaning you're under the threshold), DNS record compliance (meaning your sending IPs and domains have proper forward and reverse DNS) and placeholders that will later show compliance with the one-click unsubscribe (RFC 8058) header requirement and "honor unsubscribe" compliance. I would expect that last one to identify whether or not a sender continues to email recipients after those recipients have unsubscribed. En masse, it's a sign of major list hygiene/permission problems. (Though, like everything else, it gets tricky. What about transactional mail? But I digress.)

If you don't already use GPT to monitor your sender reputation and send compliance, now's the time to configure it. It's free, safe and secure. If you do use GPT, now you've got a new dashboard to review, specifically geared to help you comply with the new Yahoo and Google requirements. Good stuff, for sure!

If you've already got access to Google Postmaster Tools and want to jump directly to this new compliance dashboard, the URL is:

[ Special thanks to Iterable's Anne Sophie Marsh, who was kind enough to share an example screen capture. She mentioned that the fine folks at Iterable have been very excited to explore this new tool. And additional thanks to Iterable's Tom Corbett, who was kind enough to send me an update after Google added "from alignment" to the set of compliance checks.]



  1. The new Google Postmaster Compliance dashboard sounds promising, but for all my domains it says just "No data was found for this domain". Any idea what it might take to get Google to show the data (which they're undoubtedly already collecting)?

  2. I am compliant with google according to their dmarc reports, but not according to this dashboard. I don't think it works as expected and I would not put stock in it.


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