Gmail updates the Updates tab

Gmail tabs have been with us since 2013. Occasionally a sender worries that tabs mean the end of their ability to connect with Gmail subscribers, but truly, at this point, we as an industry are surviving tabs just fine. People are indeed finding your promotional email in the promotions tab; where tabs users expect it to be.

This caught my eye, though. Did you know that Google has been testing routing more mail to the Updates tab? And that more folks are going to start seeing the Updates tab enabled by default? Compared to previously; where it was available to enable, but not turned on by default for tabs-loving users.

What say you, fellow Gmail users? Are you seeing something different in your tabs? Did "Updates" just magically appear for you? Are you suddenly seeing more mail routed to that tab? Let me know!

[ H/T: Damon Sauer ]



  1. As of the moment of this comment, I have yet to see an Updates tab appear in my Gmail inbox, web or mobile. I do have an "Updates" category, but that might have existed for some time.


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