Fun with data: Apple Domains

For a fun little multi mini-snapshot of MX domain data, let's take a look at Apple. What do they host, mail-wise, for who and for what domains? Wombatmail Data to the rescue! Let's see what we can pull out from the top ten million domains.

Corporate mail domains hosted by There's twenty of them. All different corporate and brand domains, from the look of it. Filemaker still exists? And has a website at And maybe has some sort of emails that get sent out from Huh. I did not know.

Consumer email service for Apple users? As I've mentioned before, the consumer email domains for Apple users are, and But wait, there's more! You can use a custom domain with Apple's email service, and you can even purchase that domain directly from your iPhone. I don't know how many people have pointed their custom domain at Apple's email service, but you can see here that more than 4600 of the top ten million domains have MX records pointing at Apple's iCloud mail. Everything from number four on down is likely to be a custom domain used by an Apple customer to host email for that domain.

Nothing too fancy, but I find it fun to visualize the data...and I hope that you do, too!

(FileMaker still exists! And if you're looking for a FileMaker Pro expert, it turns out that a friend of a friend is an expert FileMaker Pro consultant. You can find him here.)

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