Picking the right email newsletter platform

Here's a question I get asked a lot: What platform should I use for my email newsletter? And of course, the answer is, it depends, not only because I'm a weirdo who built his own email newsletter platform. Spam Resource is fully homegrown, with signup form code that dates originally back to the late 1990s (double opt-in is timeless, ha ha), to my own custom RSS->email scraper and message builder.

But you're not me, and so I don't expect you to build it all yourself. So the question becomes, what then? I've used Mailchimp and AWeber a lot recently, Beehiiv looks pretty neat, and I don't know anything at all about ConvertKit. And for the platforms that I have used, I don't know if I know enough to guide you one way versus the other. So, allow me to defer to Dan Oshinsky, who back in December, shared his guide to picking the right email newsletter platform.

Keep in mind that they all have different levels of free usage, as well. Do you necessarily need to plan big for huge growth? Maybe not. If it's all organic growth and a niche topic (like my own newsletter, for example), a limit of 500 subscribers in a free tier is probably going to suit you fine for good long while. May you be lucky enough to be the publisher of that one-in-a-million newsletter that takes off like gangbusters.

Credit: Dan Oshinsky runs email consultancy Inbox Collective and is somebody that you should follow.

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