Vonage did WHAT?

This has been making the rounds in the blogosphere these past few days: Vonage is taking months/years old addresses, submitted ONLY for a forward-to-a-friend promotion, and sending advertising to those people years later.

If true, it violates all best practice guidelines for appropriate email marketing.

If true, it's questionably legal.

The worst/best part is that the emails Vonage sent claim to be new referrals, saying "Andy Sernowitz asked us to tell you..." even though Andy Sernowitz apparently hasn't asked Vonage to do this in many, many months.

Psst, Vonage? Ever heard of Jumpstart? If not, I suspect you will be learning more about that particular FTC action soon enough.


  1. I got one of these and it really annoyed me. I was a bit mad at both of my friend, and a but more at Vonage. Now I am very unlikely to *ever* again look into using Vonage.

  2. This is a sign of a death spiral - an oh, crap, we need revenue, how many email addresses do we have? Combine that with other stuff I've read, like that Vonage will reduce to $3.99/mo to keep customers from defecting, and their ongoing patent woes, and I suspect this all adds up to mean that they likely will not be around long.


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