The Transactional Unsub

Is there ever a good reason as to why you, email sender, might want to include an unsubscribe link in your transactional email messages? Why yes, yes there is. This isn't the first time I've seen somebody have to resort to publicly crying "uncle" due to the deluge of misdirected transactional notifications.

July 30, 2012 edit: Here's another example of a misdirected transactional email message causing some recipient grief. It's sad to see the retailer can't do more to make this stop.

Guest Post: Canada's New Anti-Spam Bill - Is Anyone Listening?

Today's guest post comes to us courtesy of Kevin Huxham, Director of Deliverability at CakeMail, creators of an email marketing application for small and medium-sized businesses, based in Montreal, Canada. Kevin has more than twelve years working in various email-related roles on both the sending and receiving sides of the industry. He has been around since the early days at CakeMail and helps clients manage their delivery, fight abuse, educates them on compliance, reputation and engagement. Prior to this he worked for 6 years at one of the largest ISPs in Canada. Rumour has it he also knows his way around the golf course and has a single digit handicap! Fire away, Kevin!