Email is Not Anonymous

Just ask former CIA Director Gen. Davis Petraeus. And truth be told, 99.9% of the time it doesn't even require the FBI's help to figure out where that email message actually came from.

Ask Al: What of the MAPS RBL?

Jerry writes, "I have a question about spam of all things. I'm on the client side now at company X and I am talking with their email group about opt-in permission. I'm learning they're not exactly worried about the opt in status of the customers getting their promotional emails.

I remember from back in the day that the MAPS RBL was the main group going after people who didn't respect opt-in permission. Has the RBL relaxed its stance since the last time I did promo emails so many years ago? Do spam complaints no longer carry the threats they  once did?

I know our company is purchasing lists for prospecting. How do we avoid getting listed? We just need to more closely verify that these people have opted-in, right?"

Jerry, thanks very much for your question.