Wired on Email Reputation

Word to the Wise's Laura Atkins is quoted in this article from Wired, "Mailchimp Sends a Billion Email a Day. That's the Easy Part." It's not a bad primer on Email Reputation 101, and why you can't just shovel spam at ISPs and except them to take it.

Author Klint Finley explains: "What many people don’t realize is that today’s spam filters don’t just scan an email for questionable keywords, like references to pharmaceutical products or porn. Nor do they look merely at the email address of the sender. Crucially, they also look at the servers sending the email. Most of today’s biggest email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.com, use reputation scoring to rank the likely spamminess of a server that’s sending an email. Think of it as a sort of credit rating for email senders."

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