Bad domain/sub-domain choices and unofficial TLDs

SocketLabs’ Brian Godiksen and Campaign Monitor’s Travis Hazlewood joined forces in this excellent blog post to explain what can go wrong when you use a subdomain (under a domain you don't own) to send mail. Example? Some registrars offer up this goofy thing where you can buy a "domain" "under", like Neat idea, except it's really just a subdomain. And the domain has a poor reputation at Gmail, making it kind of hard to get email delivered to the inbox reliably, if I use a subdomain as my sending domain.

So as to not totally steal their thunder, I'll make you click on through to get their thoughts on what to do instead, and how to measure risk with regard to your choice of TLD (top level domain). This is one you need to read before you buy a new domain name to use for email!

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