Reminder: Dots don't matter in Gmail addresses

Here's what is sure to be your favorite fun factoid forever from today: At Gmail -- for the domains and -- whether or not the username portion has dots in it is irrelevant. If you send mail to and, you're sending mail to the same person, the same account, twice. 

Don't take my word for it -- here's the Google help page with details.

As Google indicates, this does not apply to Google for Business, aka G-Suite addresses. So if you send mail to and, those are indeed two separate addresses.

The Gmail "dot thing" is sometimes a huge pain in the rear for senders. If you can work it into your registration forms, you could try normalizing Gmail addresses by removing the dots, to prevent duplicate submissions. Or disallowing dots in the username, if the domain is or However, even this is a bit controversial, as some people want to consider the "dotted" version of their address to be their "real" address. And offline correction of submitted addresses is always a sticky wicket. So, I don't know that I've got a perfect solution for you here, but I did want to at least start with helping you to understand the problem.

And why do I keep mentioning Because Gmail has two domains, that's why.

(H/T: Chris Byrne for the link to the Google support page.)

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