Apple launches BIMI support page

We knew that BIMI support was coming to Apple iOS and MacOS. And now, Apple has published a support page: Prepare your email server for BIMI support in Apple Mail. Reading through the guide, it sounds like support might go beyond just Apple iCloud (,, domains, if other mailbox providers structure their headers properly. If this support is client-based and not recipient domain based, that could really make things interesting. Here's hoping I'm reading that right.

For more on Apple's rollout of BIMI support, check out this update from the Authindicators (BIMI) Working Group, and check out this blog post from email security and brand protection platform Red Sift.



  1. Have tried to connect up my Google Workspace account to the iOS 16 Mail app - Bimi logos are sadly not appearing yet - I assume Google has to do something on their end to tweak the emails headers as per that Apple link in your post


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