Gmail issues? You're not alone

Multiple folks are reporting Gmail delivery issues today -- both "571" style spam bounce blocks and spam folder placement. Some of the affected folks seem to be sending corporate mail, outbound from Proofpoint or Microsoft O365 hosted environments. It happens to some folks from time to time, but there are enough reports of it out in the wild that I think that perhaps Google released a significant Gmail filter update within the past 1-3 days and that it might be a bit buggy. It already sounds like some of those same folks are now seeing improvement. If you're affected, be sure to submit sample messages via the Gmail Sender Contact Form -- though they do not always respond, they do review every ticket, and in a scenario like this, sending them data and feedback is important. (Click here to learn more about that sender form process.)

Of course, you need to remember that Gmail does intend to block or filter unwanted or low quality mail. The standard guidance about making sure you fully authenticate your email messages and that you should always send wanted mail applies here. My other recommendations include:

Click here for more general guidance on how to maximize Gmail deliverability success.

January 18th Update: Proofpoint is apparently telling folks that this has been resolved, and various folks are telling me that it feels resolved. My guess is that Google perhaps rolled back a Gmail spam filter update, or made a few modifications to treat corporate mail from these two providers (O365 and Proofpoint) more gently. But I'll probably never know exactly what happened, and neither will you. So, be vigilant, and always remember to test and monitor.

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