Use this one weird trick to improve Klaviyo deliverability

Hey Klaviyo users! Here's a simple thing you can do to help improve deliverability success when sending emails from Klaviyo.

Klaviyo has this "dedicated sending domain" setting that relates to email authentication, specifically DKIM authentication. If you don't turn it on, Klaviyo still authenticates your email messages, but you basically get authenticated as "one of the group of Klaviyo customers," not as yourself.

If you implement this "dedicated sending domain" fully, you basically end up authenticating mail as yourself, being seen by yourself at mailbox providers (in particular, Gmail) instead of just being seen as "one of the group of Klaviyo customers."

This is a domain reputation thing that makes it easier for Gmail and others to tell you apart from other senders. And if you send good and wanted mail, it'll make that mail more likely to go to the inbox. It helps you stand apart from the crowd, in a good way.

Read all about how to implement a dedicated sending domain on Klaviyo here.

Sorry for the clickbaity headline. I couldn't resist.

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