Friday fun: Cocteau Twins/Heaven or Las Vegas

The other day I was at the corner bar. I guess I'm enough of a regular to have been given the secret main wifi password, so as not to have to try to get by on the slower guest wifi network. While sitting at the bar with my wife, I noticed that the bartender had opened the SONOS app on a tablet behind the bar (oh, what modern times we live in) to fire up a background music playlist, and that, of course, got me thinking. I have a SONOS stereo at home and I'm familiar with the app, and I'm on the bar's wifi, which means I can pull up a Cocteau Twins playlist on Spotify without anyone knowing. And so I did. I did eventually confess to my sin, as I don't want any hurt feelings, but we did share an enjoyable walk down memory lane there for a bit, enjoying songs from Blue Bell Knoll, Garlands, Four Calendar Cafe and all the rest. I'm never going to be ashamed of admitting that the best Cocteau Twins album is, of course, Heaven or Las Vegas, and I'm glad for any excuse to share the title song with anyone who will listen. Please enjoy.

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