Google: Updating inactive account policies

Google is saying that as early as December 2023, they're going to start retiring inactive accounts. Meaning, if you haven't signed into your Google account in at least two years, Google could shut down that account, meaning you'd be saying goodbye to that Gmail email address.

This means that eventually, bounce rates to addresses will start to go up. This itself isn't a bad thing, but it does give Google another way to compare good senders and bad senders -- if you're sending mail that has a higher bounce rate than others, you're less likely to be a good sender, and this could end up contributing to a poorer sender reputation (and deliverability issues). This was the case with other ISPs in years past, though it's unclear to me exactly how commonly this is part of the reputation equation today.

THAT all means that it's important that you monitor for hard bounces and stop trying to send to mailboxes that don't exist or that have been retired. Does your send platform take care of that for you already? Honestly, it should.

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