Virgin Media (UK) Email Troubles

Oof. Those who get their email service via UK's Virgin Media (typically as a customer of the company's broadband service) have been having some serious email woes. It looks as though problems began back in June, as (I think) the company transitioned backend services in some manner (I see evidenced of MX record changes from then to now), and it resulted in downtimes, lost access, and lost messages for some users at various domains, including,, and Fast forward to now (mid-August) and some users are still having trouble, having been unable to receive email messages for days or weeks, or if they did get access restored and new inbound messages were coming in, they were missing large swaths of the historical messages in those email accounts. Read more about the current state here.

Senders, I'm not sure what you can do about this one. You might have seen some addresses bounce at those domains as a result of system issues; you might want to search for and potentially reset the status of any addresses at those domains that were suppressed due to user unknown bounces from June through to now -- though re-attempting to mail bouncing addresses en masse is never a great idea; so be sure to tread lightly, and test small batches before going big.

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