Come and get a free email account!

Did you know? You can sign up for a free email account right this very second! And it'll cost you nothing at all! I signed up for one myself, and it was a perfectly fine and easy process.

Why would you want to do this? AT&T makes note of, the mailbox comes "in partnership" with Yahoo Mail, making it easy to assume that this is just a Yahoo Mail account with the domain. But, those of us deliverability nerds out there remember that AT&T has some extra filtering here and there, before passing messages off to Yahoo. Or they used to. Do they still? The MX record for the various AT&T domains points to a different mail gateway -- not the normal Yahoo Mail one. So the infrastructure configuration certainly implies that there could be some filtering happening a bit differently for an mailbox versus a "regular" Yahoo Mail mailbox were a user has an address in the email domain.

Why not sign up and see? If you're like me, you've probably got a whole bunch of test email accounts to use to keep an eye on what various mailbox providers do (and how they treat your emails). What's one more?

Here's where to go to get that free AT&T email account.

Note that a US phone number is required to receive an SMS code for initial verification.

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