Validity to restrict access to reputation data via DNS

Validity (and before that, Return Path) has long offered access to various bits of reputation data to email users via DNS, primarily utilized via a particular SpamAssassin plugin. Checks include whether or not an IP address is on the Validity Certification whitelist, on the "Validity Safe" (aka Habeas) whitelist, or is on the "Validity RPBL" (Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist).

Validity's Tom Bartel recently posted to the Mailop list indicating upcoming changes/restrictions to that access, and I figured it would be good to pass that along here, to broaden the reach to help those who might miss this on Mailop. He writes:

"I wanted to pass along an update regarding coming changes in 2024 to public query access for Validity reputation data in DNS.  We're finalizing implementation of necessary response codes (including in Spam Assassin) to enable this.  It's similar to the Spamhaus DQS changes a while ago.  Any questions and/or feedback, LMK.

"Validity provides free access through DNS to our reputation data, including Validity Certified Allowlist and Return Path Blocklist to allow for use with email filtering. This is commonly accessed through rules available in Apache SpamAssassin.

"Starting March 1, 2024 we will allow up to 10,000 requests per user over a 30-day time period. After 10,000 requests, users must create a MyValidity account to continue using this free service. At this level of usage, we'd simply like to know who you are – there are no fees or purchases required. Upon the creation of a MyValidity account, you will receive continued access to queries (directly or through SpamAssassin).

"Sign up for an account <>

"If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ here <>."

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