Spotted at Aldi: Maple SPAM!

Apparently this isn't THAT new, as I can find some blogs and recipe sites talking about it back in summer 2023. But it's new to me! And personally observed by yours truly at an Aldi grocery store near home here in Chicago, IL, which means it's a limited time Aldi special buy. What is it? Maple-flavored SPAM! Which sounds like a great idea to me. Why not? Maple sausages are delicious, and SPAM makes a great breakfast meat. Alas, my wife would not let me purchase this to try it first hand, so we'll have to rely on the reviews of others (spoiler: tasty! breakfasty! less salty!) and if you're looking for this near you, but not sure where to go, Hormel's got a page with details and info on where and how to buy this delicious treat. Enjoy!

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