Spam Resource hits 4 million views!

WOW! Thank you everyone for your readership, friendship, shared knowledge and insight over the years. Thanks to your partnership and participation, Spam Resource has just reached 4 million views, according to my blog stats! (4,000,231 as of the morning of Sunday, April 7th.)

Spam Resource launched in 2001, initially self-hosted with hand-edited HTML files. In 2006, I moved everything to Google's Blogger platform, where this thing has been hosted since. Blogger, incidentally, did not implement its own view tracking until mid-2010. Thus, 4 million views since, basically, July 31, 2010.

This is a very arbitrary point at which to celebrate a milestone -- 4 million views from mid-2010 through today, but hey, I'll take it. It's like watching the numbers roll over on a car's odometer. And I've really put some miles on this blog over the years. I plan to keep it up as long as it remains fun for me and useful for you. And I hope you'll keep reading, as my blog continues to evolve.

And evolve it has, over lo these many years. I initially intended Spam Resource as a place for me to share my "rants about spam and spam fighting" after having a challenging experience working for an anti-spam company whose terrifying mission statement invited spammers to sue them, the hope being to set legal precedent against spam. Eventually, the dog caught the car (somebody sued) and then the company realized lawsuits were messy and expensive. Oops.

Deliverability wasn't even a coined term when this blog started (that term came along in 2003), so it would have been hard to imagine back then what all this has led to today. But here we are. Thank you to those reading today, and to those who have kept up for some or all of the time along the way, and to those who stumble across the blog tomorrow, searching for help to figure out why Gmail's delaying their mail.

I appreciate each and every one of you.

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Really want to go that extra mile to say thank you? Consider making a donation to Care for Real, a Chicago charity that helps provide food, clothing and support for people in need right here in my neighborhood of Rogers Park. Somebody thought it would be funny to load up buses and planes with a whole bunch of people and drop them off here in Chicago with no help or resources lined up, so resources to help those in need have been stretched thin lately. Whatever your politics are, I hope that we can agree that people deserve food and housing. I help where I can and I hope you'll consider doing the same.
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