Apple announces tabs coming to Apple Mail on iOS

Breaking news: Just announced at WWDC 2024: As part of Apple's presentation on new features of iOS 18, they've indicated that the upcoming version of Apple Mail for iOS will support categorization, perhaps akin to Gmail tabs, with these categories:: Primary, Transactions, Updates and Promotions.

It looks like in at least one view, the tabs will have cute little icons that (I'm sorry to say) don't actually look much like these emojis: 👤 Primary, 🛒 Transactions, 💬 Updates, and 📣 Promotions.

What about Apple Mail on Desktop? If not immediately, one assume they'll aim for eventual feature parity. Meaning that if mobile Apple Mail has categories, expect that the desktop version likely will have category support eventually, as well. But that's just an assumption on my part. We shall see.

And hey, look at that United Airlines logo in the Primary category view of the inbox. Does that mean enhanced BIMI logo support from Apple? Previously a BIMI logo would display only when a message was opened.

No, I don't have a magic solution ready that will guarantee delivery of your emails into the Apple primary inbox tab. And of course, be wary of folks who claim otherwise.

Stay tuned; I'm sure many of us will be talking more about this in the near future.

Mickey Chandler kindly shared a Youtube link that takes you directly to the relevant bit of the WWDC presentation.

[ H/T: Dmytro Homoniuk ]

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