Ask Al: Help, you're blocking my mail!

JC Writes: "I just discovered that SBC/AT&T is refusing mail going from me.

Most kindly, I submit to you sir, that I have never, ever spammed, and my domain name, is older than when you started your good vigilance. I am though at your mercy. I am a poor computer consultant trying to make a living. I think the reason for your wrath is because I use a dynamic IP address given me by my ISP. This is what poor, though well trained people can do. It conserves IP addresses and (worse?) cheaper. I do not say that you are under pay by ISPs, but it could look as such because a non-spammer like me is victimized because I am using a dynamic IP address which does not please an ISP (your friend?)

If you have any evidence that I have spammed, please show me. In the meanwhile, please, I beg you, leave me alone."

JC, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but this is what I can do for you: nothing. I don't run a blacklist. I haven't given instructions, suggestions, or hints to AT&T, SBC, or anybody else that they should block your mail, or anybody else's mail. I don't run a blacklist. I haven't created any sort of spam filter that could be impacting your mail.

Sorry. I don't exactly know what the issue is here, but whatever it is, it needs to be fixed by your ISP and AT&T/SBC. Not by me.

I would encourage you to contact your ISP for assistance. Alternately, try contacting AT&T/SBC -- the error message you're receiving likely has a contact address in it.

I'm not sure what's leading you to think I'm involved. I would guess that it's because I own the website "DNSBL" is a generic term referring to spam blocking lists. If you are being blocked by a DNSBL, that does not mean you're being blocked by or by me.

If anyone out there is having spam or blocking issues that they can't figure out, I still encourage you to contact me. But consider this fair warning -- anybody who sends me an email talking about how I'm blocking their mail is going to simply be directed back to this page, 'cause I'm not blocking you, and I'm too busy to have that conversation yet again.
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