Well-Known E-mailers Back Spamhaus in Amicus Brief

From Ken Magill, published on Direct Magazine's website:

Twenty-nine individuals and organizations have signed onto an amicus brief filed last week in support of anti-spam blacklisting service Spamhaus in its court battle against e-mail marketer e360 Insight.

Some well known, smart guys weighed in here. John Levine, as an example: “In think the court made a mistake in that they really should have figured out that Spamhaus is in London and not in Chicago,” said Levine. “Beyond that, Spamhaus is by far the facility that gets rid of the most spam with the fewest bad side effects. It would be really bad for the community if they couldn't keep doing that. … Spamhaus does try reasonably hard to make sure they don’t block good mail.”

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You'll find the brief itself here.
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