Email Diva: Industry Standard For List-Cleaning

Over on Email Insider, Melinda "Email Diva" Krueger provides some wise advice on list cleaning best practices.

Two second summary:
  • Get non-responders off your list.
  • Test reconfirmation/renewal re-engagement methodology
I love it. If it's not yet considered industry standard practice, it's about time for that to change. Removing people who haven't clicked in years removes dead weight without killing your list. I regularly see it improve ROI, as you get the spamtraps and complainers out of the way, leaving only the people who actively want your mail and are most likely to respond. And you improve their ability to respond, by clearing out the bad addresses that cause spam filtering and blocks.

Read it, bookmark it, share it with your friends. This info should forever be ensconced in your personal "Email Marketing 101" handbook.


  1. is great advice, except for ... the people who use email for band recognition and don't expect click-throughs and the like, and for list managers who get paid by the address sent, not even delivered or acted upon.

  2. List managers focused on brand awareness campaigns still measure clickthroughs and opens, still strive to drive clicks, and need to be able to get their mail through. I find this advice quite compatible with those goals.

    As far as the second case... People who shovel as much mail as possible with no care to response rates or inbox delivery will definitely not care about cleaning the old junk off their lists. I don't plan to lose much sleep over it.


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