Oh, please.

Another political group is complaining about the big meanies at AOL and Hotmail not accepting their mail.

This is nothing new, but I'll mention yet again what I mentioned then: Delivering mail to Hotmail and AOL is hard only when you don't know what you're doing. When you're driving spam complaints and garnering a poor sending reputation, then yeah, you get blocked. Politics have nothing to do with it.

Carl Hutzler agrees. In case you don't know who Carl is, he is the guy who used to be in charge of all that spam filtering stuff at AOL.

Sad to see Truthout wasting their time playing the blame game, instead of fixing their practices.

More on this topic from Mark Brownlow.


  1. Hotmail's spam filtering is entirely automated. There is no manual in it, it's based upon the junk mail reports (that everyone has in their inbox) and their feedback loop data. I read the link from the AOL anti-spam guy, and what he says is likely the culprit - poor opt-in practices.


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