David Ritz lawsuit

It'd take too long to get into the whole story, so here's the short version: Anti-spam activist David Ritz is being sued by a guy named Jerry Reynolds, apparently for, uh, performing DNS and WHOIS lookups. You know, asking public servers for public information that they publish, necessary to keep the internet running? If that seems crazy to you, maybe you could spare a few bucks to donate to David's legal defense fund. Of course, don't just take my word for it. Read around on your own, maybe starting here.

Definitely form your own opinion. In the mean time, here's mine:

Tools like WHOIS and DNS lookups are things that I use every day, in both my day job, and hobby projects. Vetting a potential client, looking up to see the business name of a domain owner, tracing who owns an IP address, these are all public tools, standard tools, that anybody tracking spam, investigating email, or even looking up who owns a business, would use and does use.

Ever been sued for paging through the phone book? Yikes.
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