David Ritz Story Gets Press

My recent post on Sierra vs David Ritz got picked up by CircleID (with my permission), and then by Slashdot!

Don’t forget to surf on over to the CircleID copy to see the ongoing discussion in comments. Lots of good stuff, plus a couple of trolls. Pretty typical, as these things go. My favorite quote: “I think there is something that people are missing. In the eyes of the court, Mr. Ritz is a menace to Sierra.” Uh, no, we actually get that that this is apparently the court's opinion. That’s the point here – the court got it wrong.

One guy took issue with me taking a swipe at North Dakota ("the one lone technology professional in ND") and (I assume, jokingly) invited me to visit the Microsoft campus there. Hey, if he's not kidding, and he makes a big donation to David's legal defense fund, I'm game.

Reminder: Donate! The handling of the money is being done by Ed Falk (who has had his own run-ins with this same plaintiff), and he assures me that every dime is going to the right place.

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