Gmail's Taking Care of Me

So, a long time ago, I signed up to receive Ken Magill's "Magilla Marketing" email updates from Direct Magazine. I really enjoy reading Ken's articles, and though I have occasionally disagreed with his take on things in the email industry, I do think he's smart and sharp. He gets it, and even on those occasions I disagree, I find his take on things to be interesting and insightful. I consider every one of his articles a "must read" and have for years, going back all the way to my time at MAPS back in 1999/2000.

It's clearly not Ken's fault -- but when I signed up at Direct's website for these updates, somehow I was signed me up for other random emails from Direct Magazine that I didn't want. Some random thing called Multichannel Merchant. Random "promotional messages" from Direct. Some important notice about my "trial subscription to DIRECT's digital edition." I've tried unsubscribing at various times, but emails kept coming. They've been a bit of an annoyance -- I take it pretty personally when people send me unwanted mail, even if there's probably a perfectly legal level of permission involved. After all, fighting spam is what I do for a living, so I have pretty particular feelings on what's allowed and what isn't allowed, when it comes to my own inbox.

Then, I realized, these extra emails -- they're going to the spam folder in my Gmail account. You know what that tells me? The system works as designed. Send extra emails that people don't want, and you're going to end up damaging your sender reputation, and it'll land you in the spam folder.

Thank you, Gmail, for taking care of this for me.

DIRECT -- here's a valuable lesson for you relating to the very industry you cover!
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