On Political Speech, DOI, and Mr. Poopyhead

Ken Magill (or shall I say, Mr. Poopyhead) makes a funny, yet very insightful point, in his recent article about an email he recently received from the Obama campaign. His article is fun, and silly, and it accurately highlights what can go wrong when you don’t confirm or verify information received from a web form.

Godaddy misusing the PBL?

According to Justin Mason, domain registrar (and email/web hoster) Godaddy is misusing the Spamhaus PBL: Using it as a URL filter. This is where you convert a URL hostname to its IP address, then look up that IP address (or its nameserver) on an IP-based blacklist. Great idea. I do it with the SBL. It's a horribly bad idea for the PBL, though, because the PBL is not meant to be a list of things that aren't allowed to have web servers. Using it this way is going to cause false positives like mad.