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Political Sending Reputation

Ever wondered what the sending reputation was for your favorite presidential candidate? Here's the IP addresses and Sender Score ranking for the last three mailings I've received from each of them. The Sender Score number was noted at the time I originally received the message.
Candidate IP Score
Barack Obama 80
Barack Obama 70
Barack Obama 70
John McCain 65
John McCain 55
John McCain 65

A higher Sender Score number is usually considered better. Looks like very generally speaking, Obama's sending reputation may be a bit higher than McCain's. Of particular concern to me is both candidates seem to be mailing from multiple IP addresses. Why is that? I hope it's not to avoid blocking.


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  1. Looks like one of the main contributing factors to McCain's low Sender Score is the unknown user rate; perhaps the Republicans are still sending to people who supported Bush four years ago, but have since changed addresses?

    Either way, this is somewhat heartening. Four, eight, and twelve years ago, most political campaigns were remarkable in that they followed the worst mailing practices imaginable. Today, these aren't so bad.

    It's good to see some progress.

  2. At least Obama's are in the same /24. McCain is snowshoeing. SUPPLIES!

  3. Al -

    Fascinating. Wonder why I can't get a Whois on them....

    dj at bronto

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