Abuse Mailbox on Google Apps?

So, if you're like me, and you host email for your domain using Google Apps, you might be wondering how to read mail sent to abuse or postmaster. Every good domain administrator cares about this. It's also necessary to receive mail at abuse@ and/or postmaster@ if you're trying to validate ownership of a domain, for feedback loop and other types of registration.

But, Google Apps doesn't seem to allow this. It says "abuse" and "postmaster" are reserved addresses, or mailing lists that already exist. What do you do, if you need to work around this? 

Steve Atkins of Word to the Wise has the solution. And it's a good one. Thanks, Steve!


  1. Steve's solution no longer works.

    Now you can achieve this by setting up email groups on the email addresses abuse@yourdomain.com (and postmaster@yourdomain.com) and adding yourself as a member.

    Google will still monitor email sent to this address, but now you will get a copy too.


    M Cowell
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