No more, Direct Magazine

As of today, the tagged (unique) address I used to sign up for Ken Magill's newsletter now a spamtrap address. I just can't take it any more. I signed up specifically and only to receive newsletter updates - and Direct and its "partners" have been sending me a multitude of undesired offers and partner mailings every week. Over 15 mailings in January alone, and January isn't even over yet. Eight of these in the past week.

I realize these guys gotta make money to pay Ken's salary, but this is an excellent example of how a sender can have a short-sighted view, beating the crap out of their email list, in the hope of squeezing a few extra pennies from it. It reminds me a lot of what my colleague Nate Romance related on his blog, specifically, his mom's comments about the popcorn company driving her nuts with emails.

(And yes, I've tried to unsubscribe.)
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