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E360 Gets an Important Bit Wrong

I have a cold, which leaves me lacking energy and lacking the desire to do anything beyond sit on the couch and read. Read what, you might ask? Why, read the updates in the ongoing Amish rake fight between E360 and the entire world, of course.

Right now I'm reading E360's recent answer to counter claims and third party claims in the Comcast matter, and having a good chuckle as I work my way through it. E360 denies just about everything beyond the fact that Comcast is a Pennsylvania corporation.

My favorite denial is this one:

18. If an e-mail is filtered out by Comcast’s Filtering System, the sender receives an error message with a code and links to follow for instructions on why the e-mail was filtered out and how to address the issue that caused the e-mail to be filtered out. 

ANSWER: Denied.

Um, no, sorry. Comcast really does send back an error message with a code and links to follow for instructions on why the email was not delivered, and how to resolve the issue. Really. I work for an ESP, helping to teach clients not to spam. In that role I work with a lot of ISPs, and I'm pretty familiar with the different ways ISPs filter mail, and what kind of information you get back (or don't get back) if a message is filtered or rejected. Sorry, E360, but Comcast never silently discards email, and if they intend to reject it, they very clearly tell you so.

Does Comcast need any expert witnesses to help state the obvious? I'm available.

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