Help! My address was forged in spam!

This is yet another topic that I've covered here in the past. Why do I bring it up again?

For two reasons.

First, because people come to me with concern, on this very topic, quite often.

Second, last night, my email address was forged in spam. I received five bounces back from five different spam filters. Yup, five bounces total.

Does address forgery suck? Yup, it sucks. But is it really something you have to worry about? No, not usually. Bad guy spammers rotate through forged sending addresses constantly. No spammers that I'm aware of will continually forge your from address into thousands or millions of spams. Why not? Because it would make the problem rise to a level where it would be worth your effort to go after them. They're trying to stay below the radar.

And my experience last night was very typical of that. Five bounces. No, I didn't get blacklisted. No, I didn't receive any spam complaints. But even if I did, would I be on the hook? No, because I didn't send the mail. It came from a server in Colombia. It doesn't link to my website, and it links to some web site in China.

In short: Nothing to see here, move along.
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