And the Most Popular Email Service Is...

Lifehacker reports that in their non-scientific reader poll, most of their users use Gmail as their email platform of choice. Is that surprising?

Lifehacker users tend to be all about tweaks and configuration changes and using the best tools to get the job done. They probably look for more configuration options than your typical user, and it might be accurate to say that your typical Lifehacker reader is a power user. And it seems to me that Gmail is pretty much as close to a power user webmail platform as you can get. Free IMAP and POP3. Complex filtering options abound. Easily configurable mail forwarding.

Then again, all this cool functionality doesn't necessarily make up for one very lame thing about Gmail: They hide the source IP address of the sender. They're the only webmail service that does so, and the net effect is that Gmail essentially enables and allows its use as a low level harassment platform. Very uncool. Gmail, please fix this!
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