New Maine Law Came...and Went

Chip House reported on the new Maine law over on his blog: "The law doesn’t specifically identify email marketing, [but] it does cover the collection and use of all personal information (also called PII) for minors under 18 without parental consent. An email address is PII by most accounts. The legislations also prohibits marketing based on this personal information. The act reads: '... A person may not use any health-related information or personal information regarding a minor for the purpose of marketing a product or service to that minor or promoting any course of action for the minor relating to a product.'"

He also touches on the controversy associated with the new law, and Laura Atkins talks about that controversy in more detail over on the Word to the Wise blog. The law, it seems, is so poorly written and problematic that Maine's Attorney General doesn't want to touch it with a ten foot pole. “Attorney General [Janet] Mills shares many people’s concerns about the constitutional issues presented by the statute and the rights of minors to access information, and therefore she will not be enforcing the law,” says her spokesperson. It seems that big internet companies like Yahoo and AOL weren't too fond of it, either, working together through advocacy group NetChoice to oppose the law.
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