Another Day, Another 419 Scam

I must have landed in some scammer's address book, because I'm receiving some variant of this thing every day or two. Who is dumb enough to fall for this stuff? Besides the occasional Canadian, I mean.

A scamming idiot writes: "My name is Steven Morgan and I work with a finance house here in the Netherlands. I found your address through my countries international Web directory.

During our last meeting and examination of the bank accounts here in the Netherlands, my department found a dormant account with an enormous sum of US$ 6,500,000.00 (Six million five hundred thousand US dollar) which was deposited by late Mr. Williams from England.

Before his death he transferred the sum of US$6,500,000.00 (Six million five hundred thousand US dollar) to a bank here in Netherlands. From our investigation he had no beneficiary or next of kin to claim these funds. Because of our financial house regulations only one foreigner can stand as a relative or next of kin.

The request of a foreigner as a next of kin is base on the fact that the depositor was a foreigner and some body in the Netherlands can not stand as the next of kin.

On behalf of my colleagues, I need your permission as either a relative or next of kin of our deceased customer, so that the funds can be released and transferred to your account.

We need a foreign account, which could not be noticeable at the time of the transfer. I still work at the financial house and that’s the actual reason that I need a second party or person, to stand and work with me and apply to the bank here in the Netherlands as the next of kin.

At the end of this transaction, I want you to put aside 60% for me and my colleagues and the rest 40% for yourself for standing as the next of kin and also providing a reliable account.

I have in my possession all the necessary documents to have this  transaction carried out successfully.

Further information will be provided upon the receipt of your prompt response."


  1. The fact that people fall for this is insane to me. Someone must fall for it because the spammers wouldn't send it out if it didn't work.

    I too have been getting more and more scam spams as of recent.

  2. Gmail's spam-filtering, normally quite good, seems to have a weak spot for 419 scams. Lately, I've been seeing one every couple days make it to the inbox. "GREEITINGS, FRIEND, I AM HIDEKI MATSUSAKA, BARRISTER FOR THE-" ...[Labels: False Negative] [Mark as Read] [Report Spam]


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