Let Us Count Up The Fail

Let us pretend the situation is as follows. (I hope, for your sake, that the situation is not really as follows. If it is, your life probably sucks.)
  • Your domain name is nonsense, a couple of words strung together.
  • Your website has nothing on it, except bragging up how great you are about lead generation.
  • Your privacy policy and company overview pages are blank.
  • Your about us page lists no people by name.
  • Your domain name is registered to a postal address that is obviously a UPS Store.
  • Your sending reputation is poor, because you're shoveling a lot of garbage mail that people don't seem to want.
  • You're blocked at a big ISP or two. Or four.
  • You email your contact at an ISP, saying "sup", talking like a frat boy, and asking for them to "do you a solid" and let the mail through.
What do you expect will happen next?

If you were expecting to get unblocked at that ISP, you were wrong.

If you were expecting that the ISP might take a closer look at ALL the mail you're sending, looking to see if there are other related IP addresses and domains that deserve blocking, you were right! You proved, by every possible data point, that your mail streams aren't trustworthy, and your mail doesn't even merit being delivered, because nobody knows who you are or how recipients opt-in. The only thing they know about you is that your mail generates spam complaints, nobody seems to care about it, and you're trying really hard to make it non-obvious who is behind the mail.


  1. By Jove, you've got it.

    -The Other Barry


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