Spamhaus, Snoeshow spam, and You

From Slashdot: "Spamhaus [has] announced they are releasing a new list of IP addresses from which they've been receiving "snowshoe" spam — unsolicited email distributed across many IPs and domains in order to avoid triggering volume-based filters."

The Slashdot post goes on to link to a post by Steven Champeon on his Enemies List blog, probably giving it one of its highest traffic days ever, I'm guessing. And with good reason; it's a very insightful post, detailing his take on how new and better attempts to block snowshoe spam could affect email service providers.

Remember what I said: don't share needles. I guess that was pretty timely advice considering this latest announcement from Spamhaus. Sending the same bad content emanating from many different IP addresses is exactly the kind of thing that will get you identified as (and blocked as) a snowshoe spammer.
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