The Legitimate Email Marketer Isn't

As Laura Atkins points out, everybody who uses the phrase "legitimate email marketer" seems to have some huge horrible problem caused by their own bad practices. And she's right. Actual legitimate marketers don't need to brag. They're too busy making monaey and friends. Those in the know recognize that waving the phrase around is gauche; a badge of honor worn only by those who don't deserve it.


  1. But what if they are CAN-SPAM COMPLIANT???

  2. I find the phrase "otherwise legitimate marketers" to be useful when talking about those who want to do the right thing, but are making some mistakes.

    This differentiates them from the spammers, who don't care.

  3. I've been in conversations where I've had to quickly mention that we are "permission based email marketer." People get so much spam and don't know who're the spammers and who're not.

    Also, even if they've know Sender and maybe requested hearing from the Sneder in the past, they will view the email as spam if its irrelevant or too frequent.

    So, I get a kick out of saying I'm totally "permission based" to the point the subscriber gets what he wants, when he wants it, and how often he wants it. You know the rule, Al... subscribers rule. :)


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