Top Five Spam Resource Posts in 2009

As the last few days of the year come to pass, I thought it might be fun to revisit the top five most viewed articles this year right here on Spam Resource.

#5: Domain Reputation and Recipient Engagement -- September 18, 2009
This was a guest post from Christ Wheeler. In it, he touches on sender domain reputation and what specifically “increased recipient engagement” means. Very deliverability-centric, this post quickly became one of the top traffic draws to the site. I think that means that my readership wants to know more about deliverability, and that was partly responsible for the shift of the site around that time to more openly and directly cover deliverability-related topics. And of course, this highlights that Chris Wheeler is an excellent writer.

#4: Top Five Tips for Dealing with Blacklists -- October 25, 2009
This started as a rebuttal rant posted in response to a wacky spam blog posting filled with wildly inaccurate advice about how one should deal with blacklisting issues, and ended up providing some valuable advice for my readers. Remember: OMG YOU'RE LISTED ON A BLACKLIST DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM DELIVERING MAIL. (If you want to learn more about blacklists, I would suggest you check out my sister-site DNSBL Resource.)

#3: Ask Al: Delivering a Monthly Newsletter to 350 People? -- November 23, 2009
Wow! I only posted this last month, and it quickly became one of the most read posts in 2009. This started out with an old friend asking about how she can get her social group's newsletter delivery process under control. Apparently she's not the only one out there wondering how best to manage a small newsletter. Sometimes the best articles start in a discussion with a friend!

#2: Backscatter: What is it? How do I stop it? -- February 4, 2007
Backscatter, the unwanted blowback from out of office replies and bounces you get back when somebody forges your email address into a spam run, continues to be a big problem on the internet, as referenced by the fact that this blog post, while written over two years ago, is still popular enough to be  the number two traffic draw to Spam Resource in 2009.

#1: Ask Al: My email address is being used in spam! -- July 14, 2007
Another oldie-but-goodie, in this post I try to explain why it is that sometimes people on the internet receive spam that contains your email address in the “from” header.

Email authentication has been around for years, and yet the problem of forged email addresses in spam is still clearly a big one. I wonder, when I go through this exercise a year from now, looking for the most read posts of 2010, will the top two still be about forged email addresses and backscatter?
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