The E360 Pantsing Continues

Laura Atkins writes today about the newly discovered settlement between 'email marketer' E360 and Comcast: "Today, only weeks before the trial date, a settlement agreement was filed. The settlement agreement prohibits the defendants and any group associated with them from transmitting email to any domain owned by Comcast without affirmative consent (as defined by CAN SPAM). All mail sent by the defendants must comply with the Comcast Terms of Use or AUP. The defendants must not attempt to circumvent Comcast’s spam filters, must comply with CAN SPAM and must not help anyone else violate any of the provisions of the agreement."

Mickey Chandler provides some additional commentary and some MOST AWESOME opinion: "As I see it, Linhardt was so desperate to get out of this case he became willing to sign (in the Affidavit of Confession of Judgment) what’s basically a blank check to Comcast worth a quarter of a million dollars, and waive the usual niceties, like not having to allow the whole world to see what he agreed to I’ll also point out here, even though I don’t at Spamsuite, that Comcast basically agrees to nothing. This is all give on Linhardt’s part, with no take."
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