What is Zeusmail.org?

A whole bunch of sites have noticed seemingly bogus signups from email addresses in the zeusmail.org domain. Does anybody know who or what this is? Of course, the domain owner's WHOIS information is hidden by way of Privacy Protect (barf).

Based on what little I am seeing, it sure doesn't seem like any signup requests for addresses in that domain would be legitimate. I'd recommend blocking any further signup attempts from users at that domain.

Update: A couple of friends have suggested blocking these domains as well: ec-group.biz, footyscout.com, sciencespider.net, techspider.net and ukmtb.net. They seem to be owned or hosted by the same people. Sounds like good advice to me.


  1. zeusmail.org addresses are used in order to steal content from private mailing lists to be posted on answerpot.com.



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