Tagged.com Wins Spam Lawsuit

Laura Atkins hipped me to this report from SPAMFighter about Tagged.com winning a lawsuit against a spammer, somebody who was "victimizing members of Tagged.com by dispatching spam e-mails that contained web-links directing users to a dating site." Blah blah blah, spam is bad, etc. Enough about that.

What caught my eye comes at the end of the article, this snippet about Tagged's CEO: "Greg Tseng himself was former CEO and co-founder of Jumpstart Technologies, an Internet startup incubator, who during March 2006, was found guilty of violating the CAN-SPAM Act, and was thus fined $900,000. The penalty had amounted to the biggest-ever sum for illicit junk e-mailing."

Tagged, who has been accused of spam themselves, is run by the same guy whose prior enterprise seems to have the record for the largest to-date FTC settlement in relation to an alleged CAN-SPAM violation. Wow, what a small world it is.

As Laura points out, "Their victory against the spammer might be more compelling if they, themselves, were not repeatedly ending up at the defense table for customer unfriendly practices." I couldn't agree more.


  1. What I want to know is who invested in Tagged, even after learning about this guy's background. They're the enablers who let him continue with those destructive practices.

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